• The M4Fund Manifesto

    Make Money Mean More

    Finance Reimagined

    In many respects, finance has entered a new world order. This new world order is highly verticalized and unbundled. To borrow a political science analogy, we now live in a multipolar world, with no hegemonic power, like a large banking institution, controlling all verticals of financial market structure. Now, we see an increasing number of start-up players creating disruptive business models in specific financial services markets, exerting influence, and gaining market share.

    We Believe That Today's FinTech Companies Are the Architects of Tomorrow's Financial System

    (1) We believe that financial services - at its core - has become financial technology. All participants in financial services must incorporate technology into their service model to be relevant and create value for consumers.


    (2) We believe that consumers, particularly the digitally native Millennial, want transparent services and inspiring user experiences.


    (3) We believe that large institutions see the wave of change that has arrived. They are looking to partner with, build, or buy financial technology solutions. This represents a tremendous opportunity for fintech startups to build products and services that enable large, existing players to create better user experiences and service delivery models.


    (4) We believe that this wave of fintech innovation will be about enabling existing players to improve processes and services at lower costs and faster speeds as much as it will be about out-and-out disruption of existing models.


    (5) We believe that finance can be a force for good. Technology can provide consumers with access to capital, solve issues of financial inclusion, and create a more transparent and efficient financial system.


    Our goal is to be a company's #SixthMan. Capital only goes so far in helping to build a company. We recognize that companies require far more than capital to grow. Capital has no legs to stand on without two other "C's": connections and creativity.


    And it's the presence of a good Sixth Man that is often a sign of team depth and excellence. That's why we strive to be the Kevin McHale and Andre Iguodala of fintech startup investors - and provide high-impact introductions and ideas that can help companies grow.

  • Make Money Mean More

    The next ten to fifteen years will be transformative for finance. We are humbled to have the opportunity to work with ambitious entrepreneurs to be part of this change - and make money mean more.

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